I am Lord Hades.

God of Wealth, King of the Underworld, son of Kronos and Rhea, gardener, chess player, and a student always.

I have kept journals and letters to myself for as long as I can remember. I took up writing after my siblings and I were imprisoned within our father. I had nothing better to do, thus my love for the written word was born.

Words are the keys that fit into the soul.

Countless words and hours have been poured into my journals, recording the whimsical, historical, and mystical. Some may seem as if a fairytale, others a nightmare. They are all truths.

The interests of the soul have always appealed to me.

Being the King of the Underworld, I suppose it is no surprise that the inner workings of a living being fascinate me. I enjoy philosophically and poetically exploring them.

So why are you here?

What is it you seek?

Are you a student, searching for knowledge? An artist, seeking your muse? Or are you here for more sinister motivations? Regardless of your reasons, you are here. This is what I can offer you.


Poetry, prose, journal entries. My words in a written format.


Money is not the only currency available in the world.


The things you would never see in a mortal lifetime.

I hope you enjoy your browsing.

All my best,

Lord Hades

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